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Armeria store by Nicoletta Protti

Location: -
Made by: Nicoletta Protti
Published in: April 24 2013 / Fashion Stores
The project stems from the need to turn a large white container and linear in a showroom of weapons and clothing, which was the point of sale but also a meeting point and meeting place for lovers of the genre. He immediately felt the need to separate the space, both for not keeping in close contact clothing and weapons, both to stop the considerable size. Arose, so, two distinct zones but open, with two workstations specially dedicated, separated by only a sliver of glass on the floor that would convey the idea of the fire, also highlighted by a round seat with a virtual fireplace, central personally covered with copper sheets.
The walls have turned into containers exhibition, with different shapes and sizes that blend into the structure with the same color, but characterized by red smashed. The use of round and circular strongly desired to create sinuous stems from the idea of the target and is gradually developed and shaped to meet the needs. The finishes used, the colors and the materials chosen with great care and attention, creating a welcoming and friendly as the owners need. On the bottom of the space are also a private office and a workshop where you can make repairs.
Armeria store, Nicoletta Protti

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