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A New Bistro In Prague - Proti Proudu Bistro by Mimosa architekti

Location: Prague
Source: retailand
Published in: May 27 2015 / Restaurants / Bakeries
This is the Proti Proudu Bistro, designed by Mimosa architekti and Modulora, in the Karlín neighborhood of Prague, Czech Republic.
Current and connection are the main themes of the interior design of Proti Proudu Bistro in Prague district Karlín. Inspiration by František Krizik, the Karlín-born electrical engineering innovator, merged with the idea of connecting through good coffee and delicious food.
The main bar wall, made of white perforated plywood, creates a grid, which all the components on the wall connect to – from the sliding targets of wires to the paper roll with daily menu. Network of wires, stretching from the switches behind the counter to the lights above the tables, draws attention to the connection between staff and guests. Each of the lights is operated separately, location of the switches on the wall grid reflects the real position of the lights in the room. The lights turn on and off as guests come and go. Every time the door opens, it lights a new spark in the bistro.

Plywood texture softly reflects stone floor pattern, as well as the oak board of the counter and individual tables. Steel elements preserve their unrefined black iron character. The only exception is the rusty counter with the motto that will never rust – IN COFFEE WE TRUST.

Design: Mimosa architekti, Modulora
Cooperation: Lenka Pechanová
Photography & Concept: BoysPlayNice

Mimosa architekti, Proti Proudu Bistro, Czech retail design, pub designers, František Krizik, Plywood texture, Lenka Pechanová, BoysPlayNice

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