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B-No7 art gallery store by CuldeSac, Moscow – Russia

Location: Moscow
Made by: CuldeSac
Published in: February 27 2017 / Fashion Stores
The Spanish studio has celebrated in Moscow the opening of its last retail-branding project for one of the most important fashion shops in the country. The project developed includes a new interior design concept focused on the idea of art gallery. The last project of CuldeSac™ Custom Retail, which was presented in Moscow at the end of the last year, responds to the idea of a minimalist space conceived as a real art gallery. Exclusive fashion items and complements become objects d’art, which are selected in an exquisite way by Armida, recognised figure of the Muscovite society that leads the space. Once again, the Spanish studio surprises with a project of great relevance in the fashion world, which has spread beyond our borders.

On this occasion, the attention has been focused on the contrast that exists between architecture and the detail of the pieces. This has made possible to conceive a boutique in which collections are the real focus and fashion designers are raised to the level of heroes. The project combines an architectural pure skin without artifices and different expository solutions that help to highlight the clothes that are present in the shop. Elements characteristic of museums –such as glass cabinets, bases or suspended panels-, find its place in the renewed B-No7. Therefore, at the same time that they complement this minimalist and industrial skin, they have the power to highlight the key elements of each designer.

In addition, the aesthetic function of the furniture merges with functionality: it is possible to move and adapt the different elements of the space to the collections showed in each moment. The possibility to modulate the furniture is so extensive that even separation panels of the different areas turn on themselves. A range of pastel colours and powdered tonalities accompany a wide range of fine materials which are, at the same time, light, and provide the space with elegancy and great delicacy. Customised furniture and in different heights helps the public to go over the shop (in the same way as in a gallery).

Materials such as steel, brass, velvet or natural stones such as onyx are present in a space that has been configured through different stagings. In addition, through the itinerary, it is possible to find elements such as cordoned areas, that –in the same way that happens in large museums- emulate the presence of important art treasures. There are also impressive curtains that refer to the cultural and artistic background of Armida, owner of the boutique and famous figure of the Russian society. The message of artistic gallery has been reinforced, moreover, due to an important lightning work.

The fineness that accompanies the different clothes through the mood lightning is occasionally complemented by the focal lightning that emphasises and creates headlines, such as if it was an authentic fashion magazine. The entrance has been designed in such a way that a set of mannequins present the latest developments, this time without drama or sense of theatre: providing the clothes and complements with the importance of the scene. We will also find a VIP area framed by an extraordinary backlighted light box. This project joins the long list of works that are carried out in a sector where CuldeSac™ Custom Retail is increasingly present thanks to its association with national and international brands of first level.

Design and photography: CuldeSac
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