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Black Rock Whisky Paradise in Shanghai by hcreates

Location: Shanghai
Made by: Hcreates
Published in: May 18 2023 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Black Rock is a Whisky lovers nirvana. Originating from London, Black Rock is all about bringing flavor to the forefront and helping people discover Whisky in a new way. First launched in 2016, the concept simplified the flavor profiles into sweet, spice, fruit, fragrance, balance and smoke. A simple black faade with strips of filtered light marks the doorway. The centerpiece of the 70sqm space is a huge, tree trunk table, with two Whisky aging channels dug into the two-ton imported Erima log. Whiskey can be served straight from the pouring taps at the end of the trunk. The space is moody and dark, with an elevated look and relaxed atmosphere.
Whisky, japanese wiskey, black rock, retail design, restaurant design, shop interiors, glamshops, Whiskey bar, Whiskey flavors bar, scotch wiskey, irish wiskey

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