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Casa Del Agua bottled water boutiqueconcept in Mexico City

Location: Mexico City
Source: yatzer
Made by: Héctor Esrawe
Published in: January 18 2013 / Other Stores
Water is the most pure existing source, which through design has also been considered a luxury product. It is probably the only product, which is a survival necessity and has been incorporated in many forms to express each person’s lifestyle choice. There are multiple water brands and bottles that say a lot about you. Which water bottle do you carry walking in to the gym?

What brand do you have on your dinner table? Which water do you give to your family? Do you prefer plastic or glass? Do you make your selection based on packaging or essence? Does purity and health outweigh value? All these are questions, which are answered by Casa Del Agua.

Of course Casa Del Agua is not just another brand. It is a complete philosophy behind that which is pure and timeless. Inspired by a traditional process, it has emerged as a nostalgic brand that evokes and appeals to that which is well made to the practical and to the beautiful. In this family, man, machine and nature come together in a common language, unafraid of clarity and purpose. It is an encounter between past and present with the highest sense of honesty and transparency. A water that is all that is expected for health, clarity and hygiene.

Based in Mexico City, this artesian bottled water is also known as 'El Agua Local' (the local water) or 'De Barrio' (neighborhood) because it is collected, filtered and purified on site. Its being is instinctively contemporary, yet passionately classic.
As its creators tell us:
''Water is the center piece of any ecosystem, making better water is making a better us. Water is the main conductor of energy, its molecules are sensitive to human intention. We stimulate water with our basic values: love, gratitude, and respect, therefore it reaches its highest potential. Simple and clear. Our water is craft bottled in a calm environment.''

After its creation, it is stored in yet another ideal environment where everything about its essence is incorporated in its design.

The Casa Del Agua concept, graphics and water boutique is a simplistic, pure and clean cut creation designed by THiNC®. Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena from THiNC® are the men behind the concept and together with Nouvel Studio, the great artwork called the bottle was created for the boutique.

The boutique design execution for this product encompasses all that it stands for. Within the interior there is clarity and a pure nature, with nothing but the presence of the bottle to speak for itself. Through the overall white surroundings with the black contemporary lights and the wooden planks you immediately perceive this idea of something nostalgic, present in the mod. The eye-catching water bespoke piece in the center of the round bar is the perfect example of the contemporary concept with the passion of the classic. The space translates character and importance even through its simplistic form, understanding the creativity behind the water.

Outside in the rear garden designed by Alejandro Tazzer is a teaser of a contemporary Eden. A great structural wooden alter type canopy amongst the ultimate symmetrical gardens on either side of the paths. A true tribute to the Casa Del Agua concept.

This water boutique is a tribute to all that stands behind a meaningful and passionate name. Casa Del Agua.

photo © Jaime Navarro
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