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Chapeau store design by Ramón Esteve in Valencia

Location: Valencia
Source: diariodesign
Made by: Ramón Esteve
Published in: March 08 2013 / Fashion Stores
The new store in Valencia Chapeau multi-signature is a showcase of fashion but also design. While the interior of Ramón Esteve looking clothing to be the protagonist, the tour of the local customer catches in a game of shapes, shadows and reflections that make the act of buying into a visual experience.

True to the spirit of Chapeau, which has made excellence the key to his success in his 25 years of life, and also following the maxim of their owners, and José Pilar Puchades Tamarit, the stores "have to renew not only in the product but also in the spaces ", the Valencian architect has created several scenarios and a set of mirrors and geometric shapes that give the Local modern and sophisticated atmosphere.
Esteve 800m2 divided longitudinally by a surface line testers woman leaves signatures on the right side of the room and the man at the left side.Once across the door, start the sequence of scenes. The architect has chosen a spatial progression to organize areas remarquen store the identity of the various collections on display. The first scenario is right at the entrance to the interior. Large LED screens projecting video art compositions produced by Javier Santaella to Chapeau.

As we move forward, long pieces emerge from the walls. Then find stone counters, space functioning as unisex. The union, however, breaks in the testers, while the back of the room reunites all space. The fund also becomes a very important part of interior design to be completed by a large skylight on a wall of black glass
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