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Location: -
Source: savvy-studio
Made by: Savvy Studio
Published in: January 07 2013 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Analysis — Cioccolato is a pastry boutique specialized in custom deserts for special events. In the last couple of years, auteur pastries has grown considerably, which is why brand and product differentiation have become crucial factors for the success of a business.

Conceptualization — The main concept is derived from the already existing Cioccolato, and repositions the brand as a pastry and specialty services provider that caters to all occasions. The Bake & Decor descriptive is used to communicate the new attributes of the company’s work towards the rebranding project, without confusing Cioccolato´s current customer base.

Identity — We developed a sweet and festive visual identity that uses brightly colored elements and memorable phrases, which go well with any kind of special event.

Actions — Rebranding, visual identity, stationary, packaging, interior design.
The walls and floor are painted in bright colors that shine like candy. The walls and ceiling are white as milk, while the floor has an attractive blue. In the center of the room is a large table with all kinds of specialties in this regard are reflected in thelarge round mirror above, fitted to the ceiling..
An interesting detail is the table, one foot has an interesting design that looks like a pink cream drips. This motif is repeated in several pieces of furniture and walls.Also on the walls are some pictures of deserts that make you focus. "Life Is Sweet" is the motto of the store, but the Cioccolato is even sweeter.
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