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Dylan's Candy Bar

Location: New York
Source: focuslighting.
Made by: -
Published in: January 14 2013 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Dylan's Candy Bar, on Third Avenue and 60th Street in New York City is not just any candy store, it is a fantastical candy experience! It's like walking thru a giant kaleidoscope, except the colored mosiac is candy. Delectable images of candy are embedded in the architecture like over-scaled lollipop columns, candy-inspired lighting, back-lit candy shapes on its staircase, oversized ice cream cones, peppermint barstools,gumball tables and the attention to detail goes on. The Founder and CEO of this wondrous world of candy is Dylan Lauren, daughter of the infamous fashion designer, Ralph Lauren. Like her dad, she has created a shopping experience, but one with a whimsical twist. Dylan's Candy Bar is a destination for all ages because, as we all know, the scents, the flavors and the colors of candy makes us all happy!

Dylan Lauren, daughter of famed designer Ralph Lauren, has inherited an eye and appreciation for chic visuals that combine style and substance. The architecture of her store uses a combination of light, color and surface textures to transport visitors to a modern day version of Candy Land.The centerpiece of the bulk candy area is a giant candy “tree” that projects illuminated colored disks onto the ceiling, lending an air of lollipop fun. The ceiling itself changes color, transformed by a sophisticated lighting schematic to customize colors accordingly to the desired mood, season, or special event. The translucent stairs are backlit and embedded with actual candies that glow as visitors descend to the lower level.
Dylan's Candy Bar, candy bar, magazin de dulciuri, concept candy shop, Dylan Lauren,daughter of famed designer Ralph Lauren,light, color and surface textures ,lighting schematic,translucent stairs

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