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Emami scandinavian store design and product display

Location: Reykjavik
Source: dekorationer
Made by: -
Published in: December 13 2012 / Fashion Stores
Emami is a new and fresh Scandinavian design team cooperating with young, innovative designers in making unique, quality clothing. The design is very avant-guard and is based on the theme of limitlessness and multifunction. Emami wants to encourage young women to give way to their creativity and create their own individual style.Emami is a concious firm. We know how negative influence the manufacturing process of clothes can have on our earth.

Therefore we do what we can to protect the earth. First of all our clothes are multifunctional, it means that it has a longer lifetime than conventional clothing, instead of buying new ones we change it into something else.
We wanted to present you this shop because we find very interesting the idea of putting a digital display above each "waterfall bar". In this way they transmit efficiently how to wear and how to combine in a fine way other garments with this "multifunctional dress".
Tasteful presentation and effective way to transmit instant trend message to client can give confidence to shoppers and save them time.

Using this Digital frames on the wall, the shop is looking much more like an art gallery, but it's a clear and effective presentation of the garments using front-out hanging system separated by style and colors.
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