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Ermenegildo Zegna windows display in Bangkok

Location: Bangkok
Source: displayhunter2
Made by: -
Published in: February 27 2013 / Shop Window Displays
Ermenegildo Zegna custom made service is called Su Misura. This exclusive service is available at selected boutiques of this legendary Italian menswear brand. Zegna Gaysorn is one of the boutique that have this facility and it is published via window display. There is a big trunk opens up and show its content: rolls of fabrics, assorted choices of collars and cuffs, and of course sewing tools like threads, measure tape, and a scissor. Next to it, a torso mannequin is wearing a shawl made of a Zegna fabric. Unfortunately this very nice display is placed in, in my opinion, a wrong corner. It supposed to be become the center of the display or next to the main entrance.
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