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Germina store in Mexico City by Savvy Studio

Location: New Mexico
Source: we-heart
Made by: Savvy Studio
Published in: January 15 2015 / Other Stores
Not wishing to be rude, but some of you lot look like you could do with losing a few kilos. A change in diet might be just what the doctor ordered – perhaps more seeds, nuts, and pulses, that sort of thing. Over in Mexico City, Germina has a huge range of health-conscious foodstuffs from quinoa to spicy chickpeas aimed at whipping the citizens of the Distrito Federal into shape and keeping them that way.

The store, designed and branded by Savvy Studio, is modelled on the country’s traditional market stalls which sell their produce in bulk. The shopping experience of these stalls, centred around a direct link between customer, vendor and produce, informs the interior layout.

Counter samples encourage a sense of interaction, while the main dry goods storage is neatly laid out in the form of clearly-labelled wooden boxes rising to the ceiling amid a black industrial environment. The choice of materials was made with the company’s core principles in mind, and recycled brown paper and reusable hessian sacks add to the vintage feel at Germina – as do the reconditioned weighing scales and grinder.
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