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La Fabrique de L’ÉCLAIR DE GENIE Patisserie by Retail Access, Paris

Location: Paris
Made by: Retail Access
Published in: October 25 2016 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Retail Access has been collaborating with Christophe Adam, undisputed star of patisserie, for years. It started off with the creation of the now thriving store concept “L’éclair de Génie”, a point of sale using codes from the cosmetics sector in order to best highlight the 90 different “éclairs” recipes. It is now followed by the recent opening of “La Fabrique”, a centralized production location as well as a point of sale. With its rough materials and factory atmosphere, “La Fabrique” is to become the brand’s flagship.

Design: Retail Access
La Fabrique de L’ÉCLAIR DE GENIE, Patisserie, Retail Access, Paris – France, L’éclair de Génie, restaurant design, patiserie design, pentry shop, france pentry store, éclairs shop, design patiserie, magazin de eclere, cofetarie design

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