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Pâtisserie Antoine in Bordeaux, France

Location: Bordeaux, France
Source: yatzer
Published in: October 31 2013 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Back in 2012, creative studio atelie*r from Barcelona joined forces with French interior architects Bereal to create a new store concept for Pâtisserie Antoine in Bordeaux, France. The result is a sleek futuristic space which looks more like a high-end jewellery boutique than a confectionery – perfectly justified as the delectable creations by patissier Antoine, are like little gems in their own right.

In their wish to display the cakes and sweets in all their delicious glory, the designers have placed the long refrigerated displays at eye level, with stainless steel mirrors behind them, so that the products are visible from all angles. The same reasoning applies to the scattered display columns across the centre of the shop, on which more cakes stand like precious art works. The luminous clarity of the interior, along with the complex geometries and prismatic volumes used in its design, only further reveal the metaphor of jewellery used throughout. Our favourite part is of course the dramatic chocolate display, with its transparent pedestals.

photo © Julien Fernzandez. All rights reserved by atelie*r + Bereal.
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