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R 95th - Bread & Butter Berlin 2013

Location: Berlin
Made by: -
Published in: July 24 2013 / Fashion Stores
R95TH is the brand where stories of the present and past meet, where kids turn into adults and where adults retreive their youthful spirit. R95TH is for those with a strong personality. Their wardrobe portrays a culturally refined and inspired life. A life which is continuously enriched through travelling and exciting new encounters
R95th offers a dresscode with a vintage soul. With its untraditional interpretation of the authentic sportswear look, R95th combines a playful spirit with striking quality.
The rugged vintage feel, daring color combinations, surprising details and catchy artwork make R95th just that bit different. R95th uses the very best materials and aims at complete comfort.

Images courtesy of Retail Design Blog
R 95th, Bread & Butter Berlin,

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