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Sale in Zucca bar in Bitonto Italy

Location: Bitonto
Source: weheart
Made by: Angelica Picoco
Published in: August 27 2013 / Restaurants / Bakeries
Sale in Zucca is the kind of place the phrase “unearthing a hidden gem” was coined for. Located in Bitonto, at the top of Italy’s stiletto heel, this bar has all the hallmarks of an archaeological excavation, enjoying an exclusive and secretive catacomb vibe despite being on the city square, filled with beautifully preserved relics of another time.

Far from stuffy, however, Sale in Zucca is like a party in a graveyard. Angelica Picoco – a self-confessed xenophile – has assembled a varied collection of artefacts inspired by her travels, refurbished, re-purposed and customised to create a harmonious but lively interior under the magnificent vaulted ceilings of the building. This is not a place where furniture goes to die, but where it is reborn – a natural resting place for the stylishly vintage. Aside from the fantastic stone arches overhead and the rocking chair (we’re getting old), our favourite feature is the ornately tiled bar, which is a very cool place to escape the southern summer heat.
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