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Serapian Milano boutique by Laboratorio 83, Rome – Italy

Location: Rome
Made by: Laboratorio 83
Published in: December 02 2013 / Shoes / Bags
The new store concept Serapian Milano comes from the desire to recall the past and tradition projecting the product in a timely and cozy interior through noble materials, marble, walnut and brass, Laboratorio 83has thought of a contemporary design that combined tradition and modernity, characteristics inherent in the identity of the brand that has made the handmade product made in Italy one of his strengths.
Chromatic alternations of clear and dark on floors and walls, further embellished with gold backgrounds of texture specially designed for Serapian, lighting and integrated shelves that creates lighting effects such as to expose the bags as if they were works of art. 200 square meters of store arranged on two floors in a building 800 located in the historical center of Rome, whose entrance opens onto a first environment from the vault painted with floral motifs which makes the atmosphere even more romantic.
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