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Tarmak sneaker store by Pinkeye, Sint-Niklaas – Belgium

Made by: Pinkeye
Published in: January 07 2014 / Shoes / Bags
The shoes, apparel and subculture store Tarmak asked us to redesign their brand in every single aspect, from the logo to the final retail environment. A shining example of our crossover design methodology, furniture elements, interior space design and graphics are inextricably linked to shape one all encompassing identity and environment – an immersive world for customers, reflecting the way that the Tarmak brand is about the whole subculture of designers toys, sneakers, street art and apparel, and not just a single object.

Designed by Pinkeye
Tarmak sneaker store, Pinkeye, Sint-Niklaas – Belgium, magazin de pantofi design, shoe store concept, store furniture design, Tarmak brand, mobilier magazin, personalizare magazine

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