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Yargıcı store at Zorlu Center, Istanbul – Turkey

Location: Istambul
Made by: -
Published in: November 07 2013 / Fashion Stores
Zorlu Center is Turkey’s first and only “mixed use” project with a total of 5 functions. The project extends over a construction area of 619.595 m² including a cultural and art center, hotel, business center, shopping center and residences.
Yargıcı has been one of the leading retail brands in the Turkish market for 35 years and offers a full lifestyle brand to its customers through rich apparel, accessories and decorative collections. Considering the brand’s modern attitude and followers from all age groups, It was decided early on that Yargıcı would play a role within the Zorlu Project.
The store design began with the idea that it should reflect the brand’s core characteristics: timeless and beautiful. Initially, the Yargıcı in-house architectural team considered the visual aesthetics of the 370m2 space. The goal was to convey the experience of a modern European boutique, a fresh world of designed inspiration.
After 2 months of construction, plans expanded to create a modern retail space that showcases modern apparel, accessories, hand-picked home decorative pieces from Asia and Europe, coffee table books on design, photography, travel and cosmetics and furniture. Yargıcı’s Zorlu store seeks to be a destination for not only shoppers but also for creative minds, designers and curious passers-by.
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